angle-left PPS – People, Places and Stories
Codice Progetto o altro Identificativo
Denominazione Progetto
PPS – People, Places and Stories
Fonte di finanziamento
Call e/o Bando specifici
Call 2020 Round 1 KA2 - Cooperation for innovation and the exchange of good practices KA204 - Strategic Partnerships for adult education
Referente Scientifico (nome e cognome)
Antonella Rinella
Compagine Progettuale
Landkreis Kassel (capofila), DSSSU, Platform Opleiding Onderwijs En Organisatie Bv (Paesi Bassi), Federation for European Storytelling (Belgio), Smart Revolution srl (Italia), Association des Centres Culturels De Rencontre (Francia), University College London (UK), Blended Learning Institutions Cooperative (Germania)
Data inizio
Data fine
Convenzione di Faro; Heritage Communities
People, Places and Stories (PPS) project focuses on the capacity building of heritage communities as a socio-cultural space for creativity, learning, participation & inclusion. The project wants to raise the civil society capacity to exploit heritage as an environment and resource for sustainable development. PPS will analyse what competences are needed for heritage community capacity building and develop a training curriculum for the stakeholders involved in order to improve the number, quality and impact of these communities on society as foreseen in FARO. The project targets heritage professionals, community mediators, participatory planning facilitators, adult educators, policy makers, citizens and communities.